Ag-In-A Bag

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Explore learning activities that kids will love!

Filled with fun, engaging, and educational activities for youth ages 6 and up, our outdoor STEAM-Centered Education in a Backpack can be shipped to your home or school!

  • (Science – Technology – Engineering – Art – Math)

Get outdoor education in your very own backyard!

If you want to bring our STEM or MSDL programming straight into your classroom for your teachers to utilize, Ag-In-A-Bag is the perfect solution!

We have compiled a few of our most popular STEM lessons into bite-sized activities, packaged the instruction and activity packet and the supplies needed for the lessons in a backpack. With this system, each student will get their own backpack and supplies for use in the classroom, or to take home. Ag-In-A-Bag is also a great addition to any homeschooling program.

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